All those fries lovers out there that also enjoy avocado’s can rejoice in this epic moment where the 2 have become one.  Yes, please! I would love to eat some Avocado Fries!!!

avocado fries

Below is the video on how to make them, the video is made by made by some really entertaining ladies and posted to Katie Quinn’s Youtube page. What is better than these delicious fried avocados? The spicy mayo with lime and Sriracha…. Oh my goodness!

Life Hacks Food Edition

Check out these ten life hacks that will not only make you a better person but more prepared to tackle things in your kitchen!

life hacks food edition

life hacks food edition


Watch the video below and let us know what you think about these hacks and if they are relevant to your lifestyle.

This year your Thanksgiving is going to be the best Thanksgiving since the Pilgrims and Indians invented the Holiday.  The problems from years past are now never going to happen to you ever again.  We have unravelled the tricks and secrets of the chef’s and cooks from around the globe and shared the videos with you. Enjoy this massive playlist and feel free to skip any videos you don’t find interesting or informative (there won’t be many).

Take a look at these videos of recipes for Thanksgiving!

Which is your favorite recipe? Tell us in the comment section below!

Halloween is right around the corner and planning a costume can be both fun and nerve racking.  Why not  combine your love of food and Halloween and make yourself a food inspired Halloween costume like the examples below?  We looked far and wide to find the best food inspired costumes of all time, hope you like it!

I’m a Starbuck!



Mac N Cheese

mac n cheese



Tea Bag Baby

tea bag



Popcorn Bucket







Taco Girl



Ramen Noodles






Baby Burger






Cheese Please



Box of Wine






Salt N Pepper






Sushi Anyone?



Chick Fil-A



There’s no comparison to Branson’s Fall Foliage and the festivals that accompany this time of year in and around Branson, Missouri.  From the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival at Silver Dollar City, featuring amazing craftsmen and women, real live cowboys and cowgirls, and the all new Wild West Show showcasing fancy trick riders and ropers, Native American dancers and more to Hollister’s Grape & Fall Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2014.  

9470627043_f4a3384c5b_z (1)

On historic Downing Street in Hollister, Missouri, this festival features Craft & Business Exhibitors and lots of great food and drink!  We’ll have all kinds of options for curious trick-or-treaters beginning as early as Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014 up through Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 as a number of our shopping malls and local churches offer safe alternatives to the traditional door-to-door option of old.

And the leaves are already starting to change.  We expect an abundance of brilliant colors and comfortable temperatures!  Come soon and experience all the fantastic features of Fall in Branson, Missouri.


An Artists Makes Beatles Pancakes You Got to See To Believe! With a squeeze bottle widely known for successes and ketchup use was filled with pancake batter.  The pan is heated to a precise temperature ( notice the digital thermometer ).  Then the artist drawn caricatures of the Beatles using his phone to view the pictures online.  The more  time on the pan the darker the lines , so the artist is able to create some great and delicious pieces of art that will amaze you.  Watch the video to see what I am talking about…

beatles pancakes 1 beatles pancakes 2 beatles pancakes 3 beatles pancakes 4

Down Home Country Food in Branson

If you are in the mood for a really good buffet filled with down home country goodness, Sadie’s Sideboard is the place to go. Branson has a lot of diners, and restaurants to choose from in the Country Cooking category so I had passed by this place a hundred times before my family and I finally stopped to try it. The building from the front is rustic and country log cabin feel. The building from the Branson Strip looks small but as you pull into the parking lot you realize how big the place actually is.


sadies buffet

Great Ambiance!

The place was packed when we walked in but we did not have to wait for a table. When we were seated the servers were there before we got settled asking us for drinks and to answer any questions. The ambiance is great; the rustic cabin feel on the outside is adorned throughout. The wood floors, log beams above you, and the wooden tables and chairs make you feel at home. This is one of the coolest buildings in Branson and as we took all the scenery in we realized what a gem this place is.

Fried chicken to die for!

We all ordered the buffet which had an assortment of smoked meats, veggies country style, and some really good mashed potatoes. The fried chicken here is some of the best I have ever eaten anywhere in the country and I will be going back several times just to eat that crispy goodness.

breakfast buffet

breakfast buffet

Don’t miss the breakfast buffet.

One thing I have not tried but I am sure is dynamite good is the breakfast buffet. They smoke all their meats including the breakfast sausage which another guest told us was the best in the world. I will definitely be back in to try that!

Monster Pops for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner so we are going to find some of the best ideas for parties and recipes to share with you. A great idea is to make Moster Pops that are made of candy and look like little monsters.  It’s a great family activity to get together and make these yummy treats.   Use the recipe below to make them, and enjoy!


What You Need Need:

  • Kids’ scissors
  • Toothpicks (used to poke the candy and stick on features)
  • White and black gumdrops
  • Lollipops
  • White spice drops
  • Green candy mints
  • Black shoestring licorice
  • Red sprinkles

How To:

  1. For each individual monster, you’ll need white and black gumdrops, a lollipop, 3 white spice drops, a green candy mint, black shoestring licorice, and a red sprinkle.
  2. Cut top and bottom off white gumdrop and press to top of lollipop. Cut top off black gumdrop and add for monster’s hair. Cut a white spice drop in half lengthwise for arms, and cut tops off 2 more to use for legs.
  3. Press the limbs into place on the body. Poke holes on “face” and add mint nose, snipped licorice eyes and neck bolts, and a red sprinkle mouth.


Source: Thank you Martha Stewart 🙂

Wow! 50% Off Branson Dining

That’s right there is a huge end of the season special for 50% off dining in Branson. This offer is good for both visitors and the locals alike. This is huge savings when your talking about a $50 dinner only being $25. This won’t last forever so I would jump on this deal right away.


Where can I take advantage of this offer?

This 50% off special is from iBranson, a travel concierge and ticket service in Branson. They have a unique relationship with the participating restaurants so they can offer you a huge savings on dining out in Branson. There are limited quantities so you must call for availability.

How does this work?

You purchase dining vouchers in either $20, $25 or $30 amounts from iBranson Ticket Services (417-337-8455.) Then you stop by their Branson location and pick them up. You take it to the restaurant to use just like cash. There are limited quantities and some restrictions apply. Enjoy!

BBQ has long been a very competative cooking style. Someone who is “good” with a barbecue is someone who is proud of what they make. Everyone who claims to be the king or queen of BBQ has a tip or two that makes them better than the rest when it comes to BBQ. We looked far and wide for the best tips ont he internet and packaged them into this playlist for you. Become a BBQ pro by watching these BBQ tips.

Watch this video playlist of BBQ tips by some of the best in the world.