honeywell humidifier review

What is a humidifier?

This is a home use appliance that is used to improve the quality of the air in our homes by adding moisture into the air through pumping either vapor or mist into our home or office atmosphere.

Choosing on the honeywell humidifier review the right humidifier and the main different features of Honeywell humidifiers from other brands

When the temperatures outside plummet, humidity and moisture inside your home may drop from pleasant to dry.

Honeywell humidifiers provide unsurpassed standards in the creation of the most ideal breathing experience. Dry air often causes, dry skin, allergy irritations, flu and cold related symptoms cracking woodwork and carpet shock among other unpleasant conditions to both your home and your physical well-being as well. In addition, over humidification may also cause mold, dust mites and bacteria to manifest. Therefore, you would like to have the correct balance.

Honeywell humidifiers offer more than enough options in meeting ones requirements and needs. One such option is the Honeywell whole house fan powered humidifier which works together with the home furnace so as to achieve the best humid conditions throughout your home.

Types of Honeywell humidifiers

They all add moisture into the atmosphere but use different processes to do so. Choosing between them comes down to your preference.

The humidifiers are generally available in three types: Cool mist Warm mist Furnace humidifiers.

Furnace humidifiers

As for the furnace or induct humidifier, they are the ideal choice if you have an air heating system and you would like to humidify all parts of the house. They however require professional installation as they are plumped into the house’s water supply and tapped into air ducts.

Cool mist humidifiers

They comprise of three types:

Ultrasonic- they emit water using a vibrating nebulizer.

Evaporative- they use a fan which blows air over a wet-wick.

Impeller- they produce mist through the use of rotating disc.

Warm mist humidifiers

They heat water to boiling point and emit the steam. They include:

  • Mineral filters which trap water deposits. They are however dangerous to use around children due to the risk of burning.
  • Finding the right humidifier by room size
  • Indoor humidity ranges between 35 to 50 percent and without a proper humidifier they may fall down to 10 percent especially in winter.

To determine the humidifier that you require, measure the room square footage and then shop from an array of Honeywell humidifiers depending on the size of the room. They include:

  • Small humidifiers for rooms measuring 300 sq ft.
  • Medium humidifiers for rooms measuring between 300 and 499 sq ft.
  • Large humidifiers for rooms measuring between 500 and 1000 sq ft.
  • Extra-large humidifiers for rooms measuring up to 1000 or more sq ft.

The main different features of Honeywell humidifiers from other brands to consider.

  • There are many brand designs. However, note that form should come after function. Honeywell humidifier brands distinguished to other brands comprise of features that you should consider when buying a humidifier.
  • The ease to clean
  • The best humidifier is one that is simple to keep and clean. Therefore, frequent cleaning is a must to make
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