Monster Pops for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner so we are going to find some of the best ideas for parties and recipes to share with you. A great idea is to make Moster Pops that are made of candy and look like little monsters.  It’s a great family activity to get together and make these yummy treats.   Use the recipe below to make them, and enjoy!


What You Need Need:

  • Kids’ scissors
  • Toothpicks (used to poke the candy and stick on features)
  • White and black gumdrops
  • Lollipops
  • White spice drops
  • Green candy mints
  • Black shoestring licorice
  • Red sprinkles

How To:

  1. For each individual monster, you’ll need white and black gumdrops, a lollipop, 3 white spice drops, a green candy mint, black shoestring licorice, and a red sprinkle.
  2. Cut top and bottom off white gumdrop and press to top of lollipop. Cut top off black gumdrop and add for monster’s hair. Cut a white spice drop in half lengthwise for arms, and cut tops off 2 more to use for legs.
  3. Press the limbs into place on the body. Poke holes on “face” and add mint nose, snipped licorice eyes and neck bolts, and a red sprinkle mouth.


Source: Thank you Martha Stewart 🙂

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