Imagine scanning your watermelon at the store to find out it’s the sweetest of the bunch.  This amazing invention is going to change our lives! The really amazing new invention is something that is from the future and it will absolutely change the way we shop for food in the future by allowing us to scan our food and other items on a molecular level. This invention is so amazing that it’s Kickstarter campaign has reached over $2Million in pledges.


Imagine you are at the grocery store and you could determine which watermelon was sweetest, or which steak is freshest, or even which berry has less calories than the others by clicking on a hand held device that sends a message to your phone. It works just like a large spectrometer in a lab somewhere but is hand held and portable and available for you to pre-order from the kickstarter campaign linked above.


The connection to your smart phone via a complex algorithm calculates data, and sends you information like calories, sugars, and ton of molecular level data.


Watch the video to see more about what this new invention can do for you…

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