I know you want to make the perfect scrambled eggs… who doesn’t? Odds are you have been making scrambled eggs completely wrong your entire life and a few simple steps will make all the difference in the world.  Don’t feel bad, not many of us have been making them the correct way.  In fact I don’t know anyone who has.  The tricks are in the details, which are so subtle you are going to want to watch the video below to learn them….

The Secret Revealed

The secrets are fairly simple. I you like to have some sauteed veggies with the eggs, like Gordon made in the video, then you do so in olive oil salt pepper to taste in a separate pan on low heat. The scrambled eggs are best cooked in a sauce pan rather than a saute pan or skillet.

Scrambled eggs are best cooked at a high heat. Taking the pan on and off the heat to make sure they cook gently, as seen in the above video. One big mistake we all make is putting water or milk into a pre-whisked egg batter, then plopping all of it into the pan on the stove. That’s not the best way… what you want to do is plop a knob of butter in with the fresh cracked eggs, before they go onto the heat, and then using a spatula to constantly stir. Do not over cook as most of us usually do.

perfect scrambled eggs

The perfect scrambled eggs by Gordon Ramsey.

One of the tricks Gordon uses that shocked me is to add sour cream (he calls it creme fresh) to the eggs after they are done cooking and still in the pan. This cools eggs down, adds a complexity to the flavor profile, and looks amazing!

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