How about we talk a little about the bathroom? Does bathroom luxury really matter to you? Many of us probably remember the bathroom when we need to use it or when we are doing general house cleaning. The bathroom is an important area in our houses that need proper maintenance and cleaning. We also don’t want our guests to regret using our bathroom.

Bathroom luxury includes fitting all the necessary essentials in your bathroom, some of which we ignore. Some of us have neglected the bathroom so much to an extent of replacing blown off bulbs with the ones in the bathroom. To some, it is okay for the bathroom to stay without lighting. I have decided to focus on a few things without which your bathroom is not so luxurious.

Basic bathroom requirements

i.          Proper Lighting – This could be from bulbs, candles, chandeliers or any available source of light. Lighting ensures proper visibility while using the bathroom at any time of the day or night. You do not want to stumble on an object while taking a shower at night.

ii.         Good water supply– Water is a basic requirement in any bathroom. Ensure a consistent supply of water for your overhead shower, Jacuzzi and for flashing after using the bathroom.

iii.        Mirror– People visit the bathroom for a variety of reasons mainly for taking a shower. At least have a mirror to help you observe any changes on your skin. Either you are a man or a woman you need a mirror in your bathroom. Ladies could use it while applying make-up while men could use the mirror while shaving beards for example.

iv.        A toothbrush and tooth paste holder-This is on the list of the things without which your bathroom is not so luxurious. Dentists recommend use of fluoride toothpaste while brushing your teeth twice a day and replacing the toothbrush after every 3 months. Please keep a dry and clean toothbrush in your bathroom and maybe a few extra ones for replacement purposes and for lending guests who stay over.

v.         Clean mats -You could place a clean warm mat at the entrance of the bathroom so that you can

use it to dry your feet after a shower. For extra luxury, you could purchase a rubber mat like the ones used in vehicles and place it directly under your shower cap so that so that you can step on it while taking a shower.

vi.        Soap dishes– It is not hygienic to collect your soap from the bathroom floor. Ensure you have clean soap dishes that are perforated to ensure your soap does not lather into some slippery sluggish material.

vii.       Clean set of towels– Ensure you have at least a clean bathing and face towel. A luxurious bathroom will contain electric hand driers installed or clean hand towels for yourself and your guests.

viii.      Tissue holder-Ensure you position the tissue paper at a strategic location that is easily located by anyone in the bathroom.

ix.        Hooks– Hooks are important in a bathroom for hanging your clothes while you are taking a shower.

x.         Good ventilation and drainage-You do not want to leave a pool of stagnant water on your bathroom floor after taking a shower due to poor drainage. Always unblock clogged drainage pipes to ensure a good flow of water. Keep your bathroom well ventilated too for fresh air circulation and to keep off any bad odor.

xi.        Compartments for storage-They are used to store soap, cotton wool and other necessary items that would otherwise lie all over the bathroom.

For those who are probably thinking of constructing their own houses, it is good to consider the location of your bathroom before construction begins. Ask your architecture to locate your bathroom on a location that probably won’t let in too much sunlight and heat that may cause discomfort while you are using your bathroom.

The above are some of the things without which your bathroom is not so luxurious. I hope this information will help spruce your bathroom experience and make your guests feel comfortable while and after using your bathroom. Bathroom luxury is not only for the rich in big mansions, anyone can practice these tips and enjoy the comfort of using a clean, and well maintained luxurious bathroom.

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