Smoked Meat, Steak, and Sandwiches

Star Bar Grille in Branson: for Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Star Bar Grille – perhaps the best restaurant at which to eat while visiting Branson.

My wife and I purchased gift certificates for some friends on for Star Bar Grille. When it came time for them to use them, they invited us along. My wife and I had eaten there before the pandemic and had enjoyed it immensely. We hoped that nothing had changed since. After all, we knew that many businesses struggle to find enough quality help. You know how it is when entertaining out of town friends. If something goes wrong you feel personally responsible. Turns out, I had nothing to apologize for.

Star Bar Grille has always prided itself in its smoke meats, and with good reason. Their steak and barbeque is tender, juicy and so tasty that one doesn’t need to pour sauce on them. The offer a variety of sauces, nonetheless. While it can be fun to try a taste of all their sauces, their smoked meats are great without smothering them in sauce. Their steaks, though… please don’t diminish the flavor of the steak by pouring steak sauce on them; it is unnecessary.

My wife is a catfish fan, and she can tell you the best places in the Branson area to eat catfish, and Star Bar Grille is at the top of the list. I tried a bite of the cornbread that came with it and it was just like grandma used to make: sweet and moist as a good cake.

They have a full bar for those who wish to have a drink with their meal, and one can often listen to live music while eating dinner.

The best thing about Star Bar Grille, at least in my opinion, I saved for last. Their breakfasts are extraordinary. Whether pancakes, French toast, steak and eggs, bacon, pork chops, or some combination of them all, you will enjoy their breakfast so much that you will make it your go-to spot for breakfast ever time you visit Branson. Don’t miss Star Bar | Grill, on 165 Highway on your way to Table Rock Dam, on Fall Creek Drive, in front of The Suites at Fall Creek.

Star Bar Grill, 100 Fall Creek Dr, Branson, MO 65616

(417) 320-5015